Celebration! 2017 Annual Report

A Year of Transformation

Dear Friends,

What a year we had in 2017! This year was the fifth anniversary of’s founding, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate. Here are just a few highlights of our year:

  • We raised almost $1.2 million in 2017. This is the most we’ve ever raised in one year, bringing our total since 2012 to more than $3 million.
  • We published 444 stories, an increase of 3.9% over 2016. Overall, we’ve published 1,345 stories in the last five years.
  • We launched our redesigned website, and made our application and donation processes easier to navigate.
  • WoodmenLife chapters were encouraged to participate in the Fighting Hunger Challenge, and they raised more than $75,000 for hunger relief efforts in their individual communities.


We’re not alone in these efforts to support individuals and communities across the nation. Thanks to our wonderful Board of Directors, fundraisers, donors, team, and the entire WoodmenLife family. With their support, we can continue our mission of helping individuals raise money for personal emergencies and community improvement projects in a fee-free environment.

There are many more celebrations to be had, and I look forward to sharing all of them with you throughout 2018 and the years ahead.

Thank you for your continued generous support and commitment to


Mary Katherine Smith

Celebrating Who We Are

Mission: is a nonprofit crowdfunding website dedicated to helping individuals raise money for personal emergencies and community improvement projects in a fee-free environment.

Vision is dedicated to helping those who need it most by creating a free space to connect fundraisers and donors.

Values: Respect

We believe in the value of every person.

Values: Community

We believe we’re all in this together.

Values: Grit

We know how to push our sleeves up and get our hands dirty.

Values: Hope

We honor the courage of our Fundraisers and believe that everyone has a
super power waiting to be revealed.

Values: Innovation

We upend commonly held beliefs and concepts and examine them for a better way.

Values: Fun

We try to forget we’re at work.

Values: Transparency

We’re an open book. Team Members

See what our diverse, fun and committed team is celebrating from 2017.

Mary Katherine Smith


Mary Katherine is celebrating the many successes has seen this year and the strong, hard-working team behind all of them.

Keli Brown


Keli is celebrating the successful launch of the redesigned in 2017.

Lauren Fischer

Communications Specialist

Lauren is celebrating the 187 media placements received this year, as well as one year in her position as communications specialist.

Amanda Wood

Account Manager

Amanda is celebrating moving from the intern position to a full-time Account Manager position.

Darian Tellez

Account Manager

Darian is celebrating wearing multiple hats this year, including his dad hat for his two young boys and his coaching hat for a seventh grade football team. Board of Directors


Katen Muchin Rosenman, LLP


President & CEO


Vice President of Accounting Services, WoodmenLife


Executive Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel, WoodmenLife


Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, WoodmenLife


Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, WoodmenLife


Executive Vice President Corporate Banking, First National Bank


Vice President of Development, Goodwill Industries, Inc.


President & Co-Owner
Carroll’s Electric Service


Directory of Community Partnerships
WoodmenLife & President,

Why We’re Celebrating 2017

We received more than $1.1 million in donations to help people in need. This is the most money we’ve ever raised in a single year, and a 26.9 percent increase from 2016.

Our completely revamped website debuted in February, creating a fresh look and easier application and donation processes.

The Fighting Hunger Challenge that took place in the third quarter of the year was a great success! We partnered with WoodmenLife chapters to raise money for hunger relief organizations in their areas. This project helped to raise awareness of and WoodmenLife in communities where hunger is widespread and assistance is needed. These 67 stories raised more than $75,000.

Thanks to the Fighting Hunger Challenge, we published more stories than we ever have in one month – 70 in September alone! Our team worked hard to get these projects live on the website and spread the word through local media and online outlets.

We were mentioned in O, The Oprah Magazine, explaining why people are turning to crowdfunding sites like to bridge the gap between their insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses.

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Total End of Year Net Assets:


Thank You

“ was a lifesaver for me in many ways. Without the help in paying medical bills after being in the hospital and rehabilitation for six months, I could have lost my house, and would have been driven pretty close to bankruptcy.”

– Jonathan Wilhoft

Raised $8,900 while recovering from pancreatitis and is now back to his normal life.

“The Salvation Army of Cabarrus County, NC, will be feeding thousands of men, women and children who are hungry and in need of nourishment because of your generosity through our campaign. Many thanks for supporting our mission. God bless you all.”

– Karen Shore, Salvation Army Regional Resource Campaign Director

In partnership with WoodmenLife North Carolina Chapter 16, the Salvation Army campaign raised $49,371 to feed the hungry in their area during the Fighting Hunger Challenge.

“I cannot thank enough for being such an amazing nonprofit platform, as well as for their professionalism every step of the way. Thanks to and strangers alike, Snoop Dawg successfully became my phenomenal new set of ears and stole my heart in the process.”

– Tara McCann

Raised $20,369 to receive Snoop Dawg, a new hearing service dog so her previous service dog could retire.

“Hundreds of people were fed, which included families, military veterans and disabled homebound individuals. We’ll never forget the campaign and what is meant to us.”

– Jeff Harrison, Selma Area Food Bank Executive Director

The Selma Area Food Bank raised $1,200 during the Fighting Hunger Challenge, and their project was sponsored by WoodmenLife Alabama Chapter 3.

“ made it so much easier for people to help me. I have my life back thanks to my campaign.”

– Terri Sills

Raised $46,434 for a life-changing multiple sclerosis treatment that allowed her to walk again.