Despite all the good that comes from online fundraising, there are individuals who try to capitalize on people’s goodwill and charity. Here at, we strive to verify the need of our fundraisers through a strict review process.

If you’re questioning the authenticity of a fundraiser you see online, here are some tips to use to identify scams:

  • Do your research – Enter the name of the campaign or creator into an online search engine, and look through the results. If you find anything suspicious, consider donating to a different cause.
  • Go with your gut – Our emotions can be a strong indicator of the truth. If something doesn’t feel right, it might be a sign to donate your funds elsewhere.
  • Ask questions – A great way to learn more about project is to ask for more detail. If the contact doesn’t give you much information, or only speaks about their goals vaguely, your donation might end up in the wrong hands.

We know there are many fundraising sites that ask for donations, and it can be intimidating to choose the right one. Rest assured, will never request your personal information. The only way we receive information is through the submissions on our website. If you feel you may have been contacted by someone who is not a representative, please give us a call right away at 877-969-7378.

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
Lauren is the Communications Specialist for She writes content for the blog, social media and other materials, as well as secures media coverage for projects!