Here at Red Basket we value the power of community, and we see it in action every day. From individuals coming together to beautify a park or start a literacy program to nonprofit organizations who work tirelessly to feed the hungry, aid veterans, or give hope to those with disabilities, we know that the spirit of giving back is thriving across our nation.

Red Basket is here to help those doing good in their community by providing a free fundraising website where individuals can not only share their story but also recruit volunteers and raise money to support their mission. Because of the financial support of WoodmenLife, Red Basket is able to offer a 100% free way for individuals to raise money online. We do not charge any fees to fundraisers or to donors.

For a community improvement project to qualify as a Red Basket fundraiser, it must be accessible to and benefit the general public. Here are some examples of eligible projects:

  • Raising money to purchase equipment for a community center
  • Raising money to refurbish a park or playground
  • Raising money to create a literacy program
  • Raise money to purchase food for a food bank
  • Recruiting volunteers to help out with a fundraising event

While we wish that we could serve every deserving community improvement project, there are a few guidelines that we must follow:

First, a project must be able to function without full funding, or has a guaranteed way of making up the shortfall of the fundraising goal. To guarantee that 100% of the funds raised are used towards a project, we do not accept “all or none” projects.

Second, a project cannot be political in nature. Red Basket does not support fundraisers that are used to promote or oppose pending legislation, or endorse or oppose a political candidate.

And third, Red Basket cannot be used for the purchasing of tickets to fundraising events, contributions to larger capital campaigns, or other ongoing general fundraising efforts.

If you or someone you know has been hoping to get a community improvement project off the ground but lack the funding to do so, now’s the time to turn to Red Basket. Let us help you spread the word about your project, recruit volunteers to offer their time and talent, and raise money.

Click here to learn more about Red Basket and start a free fundraiser!

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
Lauren is the Communications Specialist for She writes content for the blog, social media and other materials, as well as secures media coverage for projects!