When Jacey Gengenbach told her story on Red Basket in 2014, she had shared the details of her brutal domestic violence attack with fewer than ten people outside of law enforcement circles. That’s why it was such a leap of faith for Jacey to ask for over $18,000 to cover dental, medical and therapy bills related to the gruesome attack that severely injured her face and jaw. But Jacey took a deep breath and decided that it was time to ask for help. She was amazed as friends, family and even strangers rallied to not only raise over $17,400 for her, but also offer constant encouragement when she needed it most.

Fast forward a year and Jacey is so thankful that she took that leap to share her story on Red Basket. Jacey has a beautiful new smile that the money raised via Red Basket helped make possible. She was recently named one of the top three national finalists for the PFP Trainer of the Year Award which honors an exemplary leader in the fitness industry. Most notable is that Jacey is “paying it forward” through her involvement with the Domestic Violence Council in Omaha, serving on their Board of Directors. She even testified before the Judiciary Committee in support of Legislative Bill 307 regarding domestic violence assault and stalking. She is becoming a leader in the fight to end domestic violence and it all started when she first shared her story on Red Basket.

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Jacey’s story of resilience is proof that by coming together, we can triumph over tragedy.

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
Lauren is the Communications Specialist for RedBasket.org. She writes content for the blog, social media and other materials, as well as secures media coverage for RedBasket.org projects!