A great way to supplement your online fundraising efforts on Red Basket is to hold a fundraising event, such as a restaurant fundraiser. The basis of the classic restaurant fundraiser goes something like this: You get to enjoy your favorite food while gathering your supporters for a great time, and the restaurant will donate a portion of the proceeds to your cause. It can be more work than you originally anticipate, though, so we’ve sketched it out for you and compiled a list of helpful websites:

Restaurant-Fundraisers.com – A complete, all-inclusive guide to running a restaurant fundraiser. From picking a venue to planning your event and following up afterwards, this page has it all.


Fundraising-Newsletters.com – Here you can read up on pretty much everything you need to know before you host your fundraising night.


ScholasticaTravel.com – This website lists restaurants that let you fundraise for your school. Most of the restaurants support causes outside of schools, too, so don’t skip it over!


FundraiserHelp.com – Here’s a lengthy list of fast food restaurants that offer fundraising opportunities for your cause. Keep scrolling down and you’ll find even more ways to raise money.


HubPages.com – Whether it’s a club, nonprofit, school, or sports team, here is a collective list of helpful tools to plan a restaurant fundraiser.


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