At Red Basket we’re honored that so many individuals have trusted Red Basket as a way to share their story and raise money. We know that asking for help can be difficult. That’s why we work hard to provide you with fundraising tips for success throughout your campaign.

But today, you don’t just have to take advice from us. We touched base with former Red Basket fundraiser, Ember Ferrantino, who offered some of her own advice when it comes to making your Red Basket fundraising campaign a success.

Ember used Red Basket to fundraise on behalf of her mother-in-law, Grace Ferrantino (Saving Grace). At the time of the fundraiser, Grace had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and was facing not only an uncertain future, but also overwhelming medical and living expenses.

The Red Basket fundraiser for Grace raised over $5,600 and Ember attributes some of its success to the fact that they were able to raise awareness about the fundraiser beyond friends and family. They also held an offline fundraising event in support of Grace.

Ember has the following advice for current Red Basket fundraisers:

“A simple piece of advice I can offer is to spread the word as far as possible about your fundraiser. Don’t limit to sharing with friends and family. Reach out to local papers and businesses to help get the word out. That’s what we did and we had a lot of success.”

In support of our fundraisers, Red Basket offers the following services:

Press Release – We can send a press release to media outlets in your community alerting them of your Red Basket fundraiser.

Flyer – We can design a flyer that you can print and distribute.

Tip Tuesday – You will receive a weekly e-newsletter with fundraising tips to help you make your Red Basket fundraiser more successful.

If you are a current Red Basket fundraiser and need tips for making your fundraiser more successful, please contact your account manager at 877.969.7378.

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In loving memory of Grace Ferrantino who faced breast cancer with bravery and dignity.

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
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