Did you know that giving to others can be good for your health? It always feels nice to know you’re helping others. Studies not only show that giving to charity increases your happiness, but there have also been actual correlations between giving and being healthier physically as well!
According to a study conducted by Baris Yoruk, an economics professor at the University at Albany-SUNY, people who have received tax deductions for charitable giving tend to be healthier than those who do not give. After he looked at data for a four year period, Yoruk concluded that 36.6 percent of people who received these deductions reported excellent health, compared with only 20 percent of people who did receive deductions. This group was also at a lower risk of other diseases, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Obesity

In honor of American Heart Month, RedBasket.org encourages you to donate to a project of your choosing throughout February. If you can’t decide which project to support, consider a donation to the Good Start Fund, which helps kickstart projects with a $50 donation. Your tax-deductible donation to RedBasket.org not only has the potential to help a cause close to your heart, but can also positively impact your overall health!

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
Lauren is the Communications Specialist for RedBasket.org. She writes content for the blog, social media and other materials, as well as secures media coverage for RedBasket.org projects!