You feel like you’ve done everything right in preparation for a rainy day – tried to save when you can, contributed to your retirement, and obtained health insurance. But life happens and unfortunately so do unexpected injuries, illnesses and diseases.

When life’s unpredictable expenses happen, Red Basket is here to make it a bit less stressful. is a free fundraising website where individuals share their stories and raise money for expenses related to medical conditions or situations. Because of the financial support of WoodmenLife, Red Basket is able to offer a 100% free way for individuals to raise money online. We do not charge any fees to fundraisers or to donors.

Red Basket has helped hundreds of people raise money to assist with their medical expenses, and the money raised has been used in many different ways

  • Raise money to pay for medical and living expenses while battling an illness or disease
  • Raise money for a procedure or treatment not covered by insurance
  • Raise money for a service dog to aid a medical condition
  • Raise money for equipment needed for a disability
  • Raise money to help pay for expenses when recovering from an accident

To qualify to conduct a fundraiser on, you need to be sure of a couple of things first. Your incident must have occurred in the past 12 months, or has been ongoing for chronic conditions. You must also be able to show verification of your condition or situation from a physician, medical records, insurance claims, etc., and show that your situation has had an adverse impact on your life.

If life has taken you or someone you know on an unexpected medical journey, please know that Red Basket is here to help guide you back to financial well being by offering a 100% free fundraising website.

Click here to learn more about Red Basket and start your free fundraiser.

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
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