In a home with seven children, you can imagine the hustle and bustle of the Knighton household. You can also imagine the amount of support surrounding Max Knighton when he was diagnosed with leukemia at 16 years old. Having a large family proved to be more of a blessing than ever when two of Max’s seven siblings were a match for a bone marrow transplant that he so desperately needed.

During Max’s cancer treatments, his mother, Paige, stayed by his side at the hospital while Max’s dad, Doug, cut back on work hours in order to care for the rest of the family. Many generous supporters came together to help the Knightons raise $9,200 to assist with Max’s medical expenses.

Now on the mend from his transplant and putting cancer treatments behind him, Max is back to doing the things he loves. A few weeks ago he was able to do one of his favorite activities, camping, which he hasn’t been able to do since he was diagnosed a year and a half ago. According to Doug, “Max was in heaven!”

When speaking of the Knighton’s experience with Red Basket, Doug recalls what a blessing it was to have so many people showing their support. “I was trying to keep up at work and keep things together at home while my wife supported Max,” said Doug. “The money provided a much needed buffer for us at a time when I had to cut back at work.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with expenses related to a medical condition, please click here to learn more about free fundraising through Red Basket.

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