Over the past few months, we’ve been following up with our previous askers to see how they’re doing. Here’s a chance to catch up with Nate Bird from Moving Forward and learn some tips from someone who exceeded his Red Basket goal.

Nate Bird was 21 when a motorcycle accident changed his life. In August 2012, Nate lost control of his motorcycle while driving in Omaha and slid into a light pole. The accident left Nate paralyzed from the waist down and took his independence. Nate could no longer drive a regular car, which meant that he couldn’t get to work and had to rely on others for transportation.

Debbie Boynton, the mother of Nate’s girlfriend, read about Red Basket in the Omaha World-Herald and helped Nate get started, serving as his advocate throughout the Red Basket process. Nate wanted to raise $10,000 to buy a car that he could modify with hand controls. Nate met his goal and then some. He raised $12,100 through Red Basket.

Just 16 months after his accident, Nate is doing well. He was able to purchase a car with the money he raised – a 2006 G35 Infiniti coupe he describes as his dream car. With his new car, Nate is no longer confined to his apartment. “I get out and drive every day,” Nate said. “[It’s] been a blessing to be able to have my freedom back.”

Meeting his goal on Red Basket has allowed Nate to move forward with his life. “It has given Nate his independence back and it now allows him to drive to his volunteer job where he works as a mentor with new spinal cord injury and brain injury accident victims,” Debbie said. “It allows him to give back to his community.”

Debbie offers this advice to people starting out. “What they need to do is immediately brainstorm ahead of time how they are going to tap into their resources for donations,” she said. “You don’t know what is out there until you start putting out that word. It’s when you least expect it, you will find a resource.” She also reminds givers to look into their employer match.

Nate also has some advice for future Red Basket Askers. He tells them to believe. “Believe that when a community puts [their] heads together great things can happen. Set a goal and believe it can be reached.”

Read Nate’s Red Basket story at: https://redbasket.org/20/moving-forward

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
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