After she and her son were diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, Melody Lietzau learned about through our Trusted Partner, Little Angels Service Dogs. She started a fundraiser to help offset the training and transportation costs of her service dog. Melody set her fundraising goal at $20,000, and her recently completed campaign raised $21,004!

Tips for Success

To help others who may be considering starting a fundraiser on, Melody offers some tips on what made her project so successful.

  1. Spread the word: Use your network of family and friends to tell people about your fundraiser. People are always asking how they can help in some tangible way. Donating through gives them a way to assist you.
  2. Use social media: In today’s busy world, handing out flyers or putting ads in newspapers doesn’t get much attention. When you post something on social media, people pay more attention to it. They see it and think, “I can do this right now.” It’s simple to click on the link and donate, and be done.
  3. Hold events: We held two events to raise extra money, and that really helped out. Giving people options on where to donate helps raise awareness of your story and allows people to choose how they want to give.
  4. Inform people of the benefits: It’s huge that donations through are tax deductible. Not only are people doing a good deed by donating, but they’re also able to get a benefit for themselves. Sharing information about the tax deductions encourages people to donate more.

Next up for Melody: getting matched with her canine companion! She’ll have to wait until the dog is fully trained, but hopefully will welcome her furry friend home in the next six months. Learn more about Melody, visit her project page:

Lauren Fischer
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