Susan was diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease in late 2016, and spent more than 12 weeks in the hospital and a rehabilitation facility. She was fortunate to have a strong support system of family and friends that set up her fundraiser. Their original goal was $17,680. Susan’s campaign raised $42,805 to help her cover extensive medical costs and get back on her feet!

To help others who may be considering starting a fundraiser on, Susan is offering some tips on what made her project so successful:

  1. A fundraiser is not as much about asking for money as it is about offering people the opportunity to help.
  2. Utilize your support system. “It was a great feeling to know that my community supported me,” said Susan. Her family and friends served as her voice and advocated to help her navigate her medical challenges, and created the fundraiser to address her financial uncertainty.
  3. Share your story with everyone you know! Before her illness, Susan maintained a mailing list of people she knew and had met over the years, and was in regular contact with them. This was crucial to her success, as her friends shared her story with this list, allowing others to learn about her need and to share it with their networks.

Susan has now been home for just over three months, and she is steadily improving, both mentally and physically. “I am very blessed. My beloved family and friends stepped up and took care of me when I couldn’t care for myself,” said Susan. “It’s no small thing to say that having funding available takes away the anxiety of worrying about expenses from day to day. I’m able to focus on healing. I thank my lucky stars.”

To learn more about Susan, please visit her project page:

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