Jonas and Nicole Yracheta have been married for four years, and they want to start a family. However, after struggling to conceive naturally, they sought professional medical advice and were both diagnosed with issues of infertility. After consultation from their doctor, Jonas and Nicole decided to pursue intrauterine insemination and, ultimately, in vitro fertilization (IVF). The costs of previous attempts at artificial insemination and regular doctors’ visits were too heavy, so the Yracheta family created a campaign with to help fund a second IVF procedure. Together, they have raised more than $9,300 dollars!

In an effort to help others considering a fundraiser through, Nicole is reaching out to share what made their campaign so successful:

  1. Be honest and outspoken about your circumstances. “We’ve been very open about treatments since the beginning,” said Nicole. “Everyone knows that we had a previous pregnancy and loss.” Raising awareness of their situation allowed friends and family the opportunity to understand, empathize, and offer assistance.
  2. Share your story. Nicole was active on social media and posted a Facebook live video to inform as many people as she could. “This was an update to raise awareness before our project launched, and it received 3,900 views. Friends shared, posted, and commented.” More people interested in the campaign led to more frequent donations.
  3. Provide updates about the application of funds. Let donors know their contributions are appreciated, and educate potential donors on the aid provided by the campaign’s funds. How will the money be used and what benefit(s) will it provide?

Nicole is currently receiving treatment and an embryo transfer will take place in the next two weeks. Both Jonas and Nicole are excited and hopeful, and they are extremely grateful for the support of friends, family, and all other donors. The donations received through their Red Basket fundraiser provide vital financial and emotional relief. “The fact that we can keep the funds without fees was very helpful and has created less of a financial burden,” said Nicole. “Since my husband is being medically retired from the Navy, we now have some financial security.”

To learn more about Jonas and Nicole’s story, visit their project page:

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