It was just about one year ago that Emily Koesters Believe story was on Red Basket.  Givers graciously helped the Koesters family from Gretna, NE raise over $5,300.  Below is a note from Emily’s mom, Erin.  It’s updates like these from our Askers that make us so thankful for the Red Basket community!


Since our Red Basket project closed Emily has done remarkably well despite her prognosis of her overlying diagnosis of Schimke Immuno-Osseous Dysplasia (SIOD).  She went through 8 months of grueling therapy twice a day/ 5 days a week both in water and on land.  She continues her therapy, but has weaned down to 1-2 days a week and unfortunately although aqua therapy benefits her in so many ways, due to insurance issues she is no longer able to continue for now until the big people get their differences worked out.  Emily’s quality of life is so much better than this time last year.  Last year she was on 24/7 pain meds every four hours round the clock, and the day before Thanksgiving she was having her hips reconstructed in Delaware.  This Thanksgiving she is walking with forearm crutches pain free, and able to be in her own home and other friends and families for the day of thanks.


Bills kept piling up and the money we made/make just couldn’t keep up with the demands of day to day living on top of a chronically ill child.  We used the money that our gracious donors raised to pay living expenses and some of the unending medical bills.


Our advice to askers is to swallow the pride and humility that comes along with having to need such help and enjoy that for at least a short time, money doesn’t have to be at the forefront and you can concentrate on your loved one who needs your full time and attention to heal.


This Thanksgiving we are thankful as always that we have had another year, month, week, day with our Emily.  In our medical world we are all too familiar with how quickly life is taken away.  We also have spent many a holiday, Thanksgiving is no different in the hospital and our family knows that the true meaning is to give thanks, to give to those you can, and to give yourself to your friends, family and those in need in whatever form you are able to at that time.

We Believe and are forever thankful to our Red Basket donors!


The Koesters

Lauren Fischer
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