Tim Bootan of Tim’s Broadway Collection was featured on Red Basket earlier this year. At the time, Tim was going through his second bout with cancer, receiving chemotherapy and unable to work or care for his family. Givers on Red Basket generously donated over $5,900 to support the Bootan family. The donated money was used to pay for a shot that Tim had to receive. The shot alone cost just over $5,000. The Bootans tried to work with their insurance company to pay for the bill, but unfortunately they lost that battle. “Thanks to the donations from the Red Basket campaign, we were able to pay that bill. Thank you!” said Sue, Tim’s wife.

Since Tim’s story closed on Red Basket, his cancer has remained relatively the same. It is still stage iv colon cancer, but the good news is, it has not gotten any worse. Tim remains on disability, which allows him to spend the time needed to receive his chemo treatments, plus the many visits to the cancer center for fluids and other treatments he needs about three times per week. Throughout Tim’s illness, the Bootans maintain a positive outlook. “Tim still remains very sick, but is positive and hopeful for a full recovery,” said Sue.

Sue has some advice for Askers on Red Basket. She advises Askers to tell their story as best they can. “Sometimes we tend to be overly private or embarrassed when it comes to asking for help,” said Sue. “It is amazing how many people are out there that want to help, but need to hear your story first.”

Tim and Sue are both extremely grateful for all of the donations and words of encouragement received via Red Basket. They found it heartwarming to know that all of the Givers came together to support their family. When speaking of the support, Sue said, “It brought tears to my eyes several times.”

Tim will continue his battle with cancer, remaining hopeful for a full recovery. When they are past this terrible situation, the Bootans plan to give back, supporting others in need. We wish Tim the best of luck and a very happy Thanksgiving!

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
Lauren is the Communications Specialist for RedBasket.org. She writes content for the blog, social media and other materials, as well as secures media coverage for RedBasket.org projects!