#TipTuesday – Don’t Forget to Pass the Collection Plate

One of the biggest mistakes we see our fundraisers make is using sites like Caring Bridge to keep their supporters updated rather than using RedBasket.org as a means to keep supporters informed. Why direct your network of friends, family, coworkers, etc. to a website like Caring Bridge where they cannot donate to you? It would be like going to church on Sunday, listening to a sermon about the importance of giving, yet no one passes the collection plate!

So instead of posting updates on another website, put them on your RedBasket.org page:

–You can add photos and videos to engage your supporters and make them more likely to share your story.

–Your supporters will receive an email notification when you make an update so they know you’ve added new info to your page.

–You can make as many project updates as you’d like during and even after your RedBasket.org fundraising campaign closes. Hint: Your supporters want to know how their donation has helped you, so you need to make project updates after your story closes to let them know their money has made an impact.

–When you make a project update, we usually share it on our RedBasket.org social media channels which means more exposure to your story.

–Best of all, your supporters can donate to you at the time they read your update! Your supporters don’t have to donate to follow your progress, but they at least have the option.

Now that we’ve got you on board, here’s how to make a project update:

Login to your Red Basket account.

–Click on your name in the upper right hand corner.

–Under ‘Your Projects’ select the project that you wish to update.

–Click on ‘Project Update’ on the right hand side.

–Click on the ‘Create New Update’ button.

–Choose a title, type your update, add a photo or video and click ‘Publish.’

Help yourself by keeping your supporters informed through RedBasket.org updates, where they can also support you financially, rather than using a different website where donations are not accepted. Whether you’re sitting at church on a Sunday morning or at your laptop on a Tuesday evening, don’t forget to pass the collection plate!

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
Lauren is the Communications Specialist for RedBasket.org. She writes content for the blog, social media and other materials, as well as secures media coverage for RedBasket.org projects!