Did you know that one in 68 children in the United States are affected by autism? This spectrum condition can come in many forms, and often affects a person’s ability to communicate with others. According to a study in JAMA Pediatrics, the lifetime cost of caring for a person with autism can reach up to $2.4 million. Some of these costs are covered by insurance and Medicaid, but unfortunately, some are not. RedBasket.org can help offset some of these expenses through online fundraising.

We’re proud to have hosted multiple fundraisers for people with autism on our site. Whether they’re working toward getting a service dog to help manage social anxieties or needing new equipment at a school, fundraisers on RedBasket.org have raised more than $16,000 for autism-related needs since 2015.

Check out some of the most recent stories below:

  • Negley Elementary Foundational Learning – Carlos Carreon is raising money for new equipment in special education classes where his son with autism is enrolled.
  • Marley’s Service Puppy – Marley was diagnosed with high functioning autism and hopes to bring home a service dog to help ease her anxieties.
  • Little Angel for Benjamin – Benjamin’s family hopes to get him a service dog to provide comfort and companionship for him.
  • Independence for Isabel – Being diagnosed with autism at 19 changed Isabel’s life, so she started a fundraiser to receive a service dog to help maintain her independence.
  • Healing Strides of Virginia – This group provides therapeutic riding lessons to those with a variety of needs, including autism.

To learn more about how a RedBasket.org campaign can help people with autism, please visit redbasket.org/start-a-fundraiser. If you’d like to contribute to an active campaign, go to redbasket.org/donate and search for autism. And remember to share on social media to continue raising awareness for this great cause!

Lauren Fischer
Communications Specialist
Lauren is the Communications Specialist for RedBasket.org. She writes content for the blog, social media and other materials, as well as secures media coverage for RedBasket.org projects!